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The Botić Family

The Botić Family donations are a success thanks to a business established in 2012 by Sandro Botić. Mr Botić and his family believed that it was both responsible and prudent for a business to invest in the community it served and formed a private fund to be consistent in that investment even as the business reflected the cyclical nature of its earnings.

The Botić Family fund was established by Sandro and his wife Antonela Botić in 2017. The Family shares the same fundamental aim as most charity organisations, which is to help people.

However, our approach is radically different. As Sandro brings a more business-like approach to a sector that is generally rather unbusinesslike. In partnership with nonprofits, businesses and governments, The Family is focused on developing and investing in entrepreneurial, cross-sector solutions designed to help people and businesses reach greater goals that in the end bring benefit to the whole community.


Our Members, sixth and seventh generation Botić family members, continue the legacy of their parents and grandparents in their commitment to the ideals of selfless giving, passed through generations of a unique Croatian-Australian family.

Seventh generation Botić family members continue the tradition through their leadership roles within The Family.

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