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The Botić Family

We are an Australian-Croatian Family invested in helping people and businesses transform digitally, and strive to inspire and connect them to achieve more together.


Our Focus

In the early years, the Family supported a range of projects in 11 different countries including (Australia, France, Netherlands, Croatia, Japan, Hong Kong, United States, England, Ireland, Scotland, New Zealand) through in-house business networks but following a strategic review in 2021 decided to focus sharply on helping businesses and families in Croatia.

Featured Work

Family Donations

The Botić Family donations are a success thanks to a business established in 2012 by Sandro Botić. Mr Botić and his family believed that it was both responsible and prudent for a business to invest in the community it served and formed a private fund to be consistent in that investment even as the business reflected the cyclical nature of its earnings.

Inside of a Castle

Family Crest

The crown symbolises the victories (tough times) the family has gone through for 6 generations to keep the name alive. Sandro Botić designed and gifted the Crest as an act of gratitude towards the past generations and to help keep the family united for many more generations to come.

Inside of a Castle
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